JHAT PAT PHULKA ROTI (UNCOOKED) – (5 Packs-18 Count Per Pack)

$ 30.00

Whole Wheat Goodness

This wholesome phulka roti (wrap) diversifies your family table with its many delicious forms. Make a fried Puri with it, Have it with your favorite curry as roti or make a hearty wrap for breakfast or snack. Even just on its own, this phulka will nourish your tastebuds like never before.




Made with NON-GMO Ingredients

Pack of 18
Net Weight: 595GMs (21 OZ)

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How to Prepare:
1. Open the refrigerated pack.
2. Pre heat the Pan/Griddle to 350 degrees.
3. Place 1 phulka roti on the heated pan and rotate slowly as it bakes.
4. Flip the phulka roti and keep rotating till light brown.
5. For perfect puff, using a tong expose the phulka roti to naked light stove flame for few seconds.
6. Enjoy.
For Puri: Fry in oil till puffs and brown. Serve with Hot Halwa and Channay
How to Store:
Keep Refrigerated.
Use within 1 week of opening.
Do not microwave.
Weight 595 g

Non-GMO whole wheat flour, Non-GMO Enriched unbleached
flour, filtered water, Non-GMO vegetable oil & salt.

Allergic Information

This product contains: Wheat.


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