In the early 1900s our great grandfathers Sufi Habib Ur Rehman & Sufi Ghulam Hussain put their ideas into action, creating the finest of Kashmiri delicacies. Through collected savings, both invested in a small bakery where they experimented with ingredients to produce the food of their childhood: culinary delights such as the Kashmiri Kulcha, Roghni Naan, Baqar Khaanis, Khand Kulcha.

A leading pioneer in the business was my grandmother Shahnaz Sufi. As a child, she observed and took great care in understanding each word spoken to by her father. Years on, she was taken under the wing of her father-in-law. Shahnaz along with her husband Nouman Sufi developed a keen interest in building on these recipes through endless demonstrations as well as experiments in the kitchens, till each creation was no less than extraordinary. Her guiding forces were indeed her father and father-in-law. In the words of these profound figures in her life, she was told to: “Always remember to never compromise on quality, regardless of how much it may cost”
To this day each item is baked and made with premium ingredients that are fresh, natural, and guaranteed first-class quality.

It was vital for the Sufi family to ensure traditional recipes, as well as bread varieties, were preserved. Hence, these precious artisanal skills were mastered through immense dedication which was passed down to each child, not forgetting the Sufi motto – spreading love and staying earthy!

“I cannot speak or eat anymore due to my cerebral palsy, but I’m delighted that my great grandparents were able to bring my dearest family recipes to your table from ours. The warmth, love, and effort that goes into the food we bring are unmatched. This is not commercial food, but food rich in flavor and a century of perfecting recipes which when followed and devoured not only satiate your appetite but nourishes your soul.” – Haris Sufi

With snow-capped mountains and copper sunsets, the picturesque Kashmir Valley lies in the northernmost part of the Indian subcontinent. The summer palace for kings and queens, it is known for its untouched natural scenic beauty and royal cuisine.

This rich cultural heritage of food has been passed down to each generation and remains firmly ingrained in our hearts. These traditions have journeyed across time and borders, from the ancient hall bazaars of Amritsar, to the old walled streets of Lahore.

At The Clay Oven Foods, we are proud to bring you this genuine Kashmire flavour through our carefully crafted array of products. Baked, cooked, made with love and the highest quality ingredients, experience our treasured family recipes. We hope you enjoy the food of kings!


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