Proceeds from sales of Clay Oven Foods fund projects for the empowerment of women in South Asia. We select projects that encourage women through disruptive and transformational reforms. Through our work with the Salman Sufi Foundation, an independently run social welfare organization, we support initiatives such as Women on Wheels and Saafbath (public toilets).

Women on Wheels provides women with freedom of movement and the ability to earn a livelihood by training them to ride motorbikes.

Saafbath (public toilets) is an inclusive sanitary campaign across Pakistan. Three Saafbaths have been installed across Karachi and Lahore. Salman Sufi Foundation aims to establish 500 public toilets within three years.These public toilets cater specially to women, transgenders and disabled giving them secure options and increasing their mobility.

We believe in real change and a cleaner, safer world for the vulnerable. Thank you for supporting our mission through your purchase.


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.